Marley Mae | About Me
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About Me

Hi all ,

My name is Nichola but my family call me Nikki. I am a mother to my amazing little girl Millie Mae and my stunning son Logan . A fiancé to my better half who is definitely my rock !

I have been in Fashion Retail for 14 years . I started with TopShop and I had just turned 16 and to be honest it was just a job at first as I had left school with very little education , so I got a Christmas temp job with TopShop and I stayed there for 5 amazing years and got to work my way up . This is where my love of fashion came from. From there on I had to fight in a way to get noticed as I was young and you rarely see a store manager at 21 but I had the drive and ambition to get it , then I was giving a opportunity to become a regional business manager for an amazing company that wanted to expand further in Ireland and at 23 I helped build a multi million business for them in Ireland over the 5 years I was there. I have been really lucky as I have gotten the opportunity to work with and meet some amazing brands and the people that makes those brands.

The name of my Blog has a lot of meaning to me . Marley was my first love he was a present to me from my fiancé one valentines which was a shock as we don’t usually celebrate valentines. Marley was a Jack Russell and was the runt of the litter which made him extra special. He meant the world to me and therefore Marley came everywhere with me, he even went to work with my fiancé on a daily basis . But a few years ago he ran out on the road and sadly passed away but as I say it’s never goodbye it’s see you later.

Mae is the second part of my daughters name and she is my inspiration. It felt right to use my two loves for my blog .

Millie Mae is the reason why I started Blogging. I always wanted to start a blog. Working full-time and being a mum I now seem to have the drive to want a better work life balance and this is the year I turn 30 so I decided it’s time for me to do what I love .

” There is an outfit for every occasion and how that one outfit makes you feel , you can conquer the world ! “

So this is me .

Hope you enjoy my Blog