Marley Mae | Christmas Gift Guide Part 2 Under €10
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Christmas Gift Guide Part 2 Under €10

02 Nov Christmas Gift Guide Part 2 Under €10

Hi All

So can you actually believe it’s November ?? Seriously where did that year go ? As I am sitting here writing this I am just thinking back over the year and how amazing it has been in so many ways and the fact we have only two months left in 2017 is just crazy … But not to wallow too much in that I have my second instalment in my Christmas Gift Guide you can check out my first weeks gift guide if you click here  


Now Christmas is an expensive game , between buying for your family , then there is your friends , work friends , god-children , secret santa , neighbours ,  the list can go on and on and on…. And if we were to actually sit down and write a list for everyone we are going to buy for and add what we going to spend per person , well that’s when sheer panic can set in. For most people they have two more pay days till christmas , crazy I know and November is really the month to get planning and sorting what you are going to buy people. 

       ” At Christmas All Roads Lead Home “ – Narjorie Holmes

So I have picked some perfect stocking fillers , secret santa or the spare present in the house for whomever calls which are all under €10 , yes you read right under €10 . And these cater for Him and Her. All these items are all from Primark and are available in-store now. 

Below are some perfect gifts your neighbour’s , secret santa or family member stocking filler !



Now for Him , the man in your life whether it be a brother , boyfriend , husband , dad or granddad these are perfect for that stocking fillers.



Now for the little kids in your life , either it be a friends child , a god-child , niece or nephew these are perfect little presents. 





And last but not least for the women in your life. 




So whomever you are buying for this Christmas Penneys  have you covered with the perfect stocking fillers. All items shown are €10 and under in Penney’s nationwide. 

Happy Reading 

Love Nikki