Marley Mae | 21 Days. Have You Stuck To Your Keep Fit Resolution? Alice Liveing X Primark
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21 Days. Have You Stuck To Your Keep Fit Resolution? Alice Liveing X Primark

21 Jan 21 Days. Have You Stuck To Your Keep Fit Resolution? Alice Liveing X Primark

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit or to maintain a habit. If your resolution this year was to get fit and healthy, have you stuck to this? It can be really hard to stick to a new regime especially after christmas, because that is some major sugar crash, but if you ease yourself in rather than jumping you are more likely to maintain it and actually enjoy it.

Now I would be no gym goer as I am so self conscious but the world we live in today you do not need to attend a gym to stay active and be healthy. You and a friend could do a home workout without the pressures of making a class or I find the most simplest is going for a walk and really clearing your head. Aim to get 10,000 steps a day in , which doesn’t seem a lot when in fact it is. Get out and get some fresh air into those lungs. Also by getting outside you will feel better within yourself.

So whether or not you are attending the gym or classes or just doing it yourself well, Penneys have an amazing collections with Alice Liveing for whatever your workout entails and the best thing about these products is that you can easily pop the kids to school and go do your shopping after your workout and still look super stylish. This 44 Piece collection ranges from €3-€14. Perfect for any budget and with such a great price point you can build on the collection.

Primark always looking for ways to minimize their impact on the environment and this functional yet fashionable collection, a mix of athleisure and activewear, is no different. They’ve introduced a new fabric into the mix, their marble print top and leggings are made from
recycled polyester. Plus, there are two stylish biodegradable water bottles that have been made from renewable plant-based materials. So basically there is no excuse!

Remember after today it gets a lot easier you have passed that 21 day mark, you can do this!

Happy Shopping

Love Nikki