Marley Mae | Botanica Beauty Of Nature For Your Home
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Botanica Beauty Of Nature For Your Home

18 Jan Botanica Beauty Of Nature For Your Home

It actually feels like a lifetime ago I wrote a blog post but with the craziness of Christmas well behind me it is time to dust away thoses cobwebs and bring the nature inside. January I always find such a drab month, money is tight, those few extra pounds on the waist aren’t helping and I would love nothing more than to hop on a plane and head for some major sun. But saying all that january is really the month to get your shit together and de-clutter from your life and cleanse your home.

Sometimes to declutter and cleanse your home you need to add some pieces into your home. I know that may sound strange, but we all have clutter whether or not it’s shoes piled in the corner or magazines thrown beside the couch or they plastic cornor ( Aka all the kids toys) we all have it, but if you take out what you no longer need or use and then use storage to disguise the toys etc you will feel like your  home can breath. Now the beauty of nature can be introduced, yes i love fake plants because all you need to do is dust them every few months , they won’t die they are just the perfect way to brighten up and make your home feel refreshed and cleansed and very much ready for thoes summer nights.

Primark have created the Botanica Homeware collection which celebrates the beauty of nature and fresh spring feels into your home. Taking inspo from lush greenery, this range focuses on grassy green hues, palm prints and minimalist aesthetic. I love the natural tones because these pieces can easily slip into any home without having to make a major change prior to there arrival. It is all about simple changes that can bring you more of a relaxed feeling when you get home from a hard day,