Marley Mae | Our family staycation in Kerry Ireland
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Our family staycation in Kerry Ireland

08 Aug Our family staycation in Kerry Ireland

If you are looking for a last-minute staycation before the kids head back to school, well I  highly recommend Killarney. 

 We went last year twice for a little staycation in Killarney the first time I was heavily pregnant with Logan and the second time the whole family went which was great as the kids had a ball. We stayed in the Gleneagle Hotel and Apartments the first time me and Damien stayed in the hotel as it was just the 3 of us ( including bump) but when we went with the whole family we rented 2 apartments for all of us and my good this is the way to stay especially with kids . As much as I loved the hotel room there was space in the apartment and with kids you need that extra space especially when trying to get ready.


In my previous job I was on the road a lot and stayed in so many hotels across Ireland but the Gleneagle Hotel & Apartments is so family oriented that the feeling of welcoming is second to none. We all know when we stay in a hotel especially with young kids you feel you need to consistently chancing them to sit down where the Gleneagle Hotel & Apartments has so many activities for kids that I felt I had a break and was able to relax. From the kids clubs that run daily to evening entertainment our little girls had a ball. 

If you have never been to Kerry well you are missing out, it is so beautiful and so relaxing. There is so much to do that you will come home wanting to see more . 

A must thing to do is the Wild Atlantic way from Killarney to Dingle. I was 8 months pregnant when we did it and my god the road will have you on your toes but it is magical and it’s the best way to go to Dingle , you are driving with a cliff drop to one side and a mountain hill on the other with goats and Sheeps grazing and we are thinking those poor framers ! When you arrive in Dingle in one way it is like stepping back in time as it just sings Irish with the most amazing pubs and restaurants and then you have the harbour which you can get a boat trip to see Fungi the dolphin! We spent a morning in Dingle we went to sea life which Millie Mae loved , went around the town stopped in a playground before we took the drive home , it’s a real gem in Ireland.



The whole family rented bikes from Muckross road they were €20 for an adult for the day. We cycled to Muckross House this is something you need to do the girls had a little kart on the back of our bikes and the laugh we had as something else , me personally I’m not a bike person as I was petrified especially going down hills but it’s the only way to see Muckross house and the surroundings. We stop at the gardens and had lunch and played some games in the grass which I can definitely say I am way to old as I try to do a tumble over and my god all I could hear was my neck cracking and I actually felt I had swallowed my chest ! Sometimes I think I’m still a teenager not a thirty something! That was my que to leave , I went back to the apartment with my mother in law and the babies and the rest of family cycled to Torc Waterfall which they said was fab me and Damien went there on horse and cart when we were there a few months ago! But on the way back the pedal came off the bike so there was a bit of what are we going to do and a lot of laughing . But a definite must do for the family.


Take a trip to  Ross Castle and do the boat trip of the lakes of Killarney which was wow! The boat trip took an hour and was €25 for me , Damien and Millie Mae.It was as amazing going around the lakes and getting to see the beauty of the lakes with people canoeing and on smaller boats , it was something out of this world and so relaxing . We then headed in to Killarney house and gardens where we raced the pram and the girls done some meditation ( well so they say lol ) . The Killarney house brings you around some of the lakes and we walked up to the cutest coffee shop with a thatched roof and was fab.






Make sure you take a drive up Moll’s Gap the views are breathtaking The road on the other hand is a different as your driving up and there is busses coming down and your like where are we going to go!


Each night we chilled in the hotel with the entertainment for the kids , and with the INEC on site and entertainment in the ballroom every night there will be too much to choose from. The kids have access to the onsite swimming pool and soft play area . The first time we went i found it a lot harder as Millie Mae needed someone else to play with but this time round it was a lot easier as her cousins are in and around the same age .  I would highly recommend the Gleneagle Hotel & Apartments for a family holiday and Killarney . There is so much to do you will all be entertained !

With what to pack make sure you bring a rain-mac and comfortable clothing for the day as you will be doing a lot of exploring. The nights are so relaxed in the hotel that you don’t need to get very dressed up. I find that since i had kids i tend to ditch the heals for more fashionable flats. For the kids wellies, comfy clothes and rain-mac for the day and the same as the adults it’s is very relaxed at night in the hotel. 

Happy Reading 

Love Nikki