Marley Mae | Cracked heels? Beauty hack that does more than just remove tan….
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Cracked heels? Beauty hack that does more than just remove tan….

13 May Cracked heels? Beauty hack that does more than just remove tan….

Hi All,

This is not one of my usual post but I had to share this little beauty hack I came across this week , while trying to remove some dodgy tan. Now we all know cracked heels are something we all hide away from but cracked heels no more.

So for the whole of my pregnancy I have suffered really bad with dry skin, with the tips of my fingers cracking from the dryness and bleeding to my shine’s being so dry that I have been scratching till they bleed (I know gross) and then there is my feet . The back of my heels is like something you see on one of those ad’s for cracked heels. Now my fingers have got a bit better but my feet were so ugly, now they were nothing amazing before my pregnancy especially as I hate feet like they completely freak me out!!

Now when it comes to your feet you can cover it up but as the weather was so nice this week I was a little jealous I couldn’t wear sandals. Now for the last few days I was looking for a body scrub as I had a bad tan experience ( seriously ) and needed to remove it and I decided to use the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff  Body Scrub  so into the shower with the body scrub and a pair of exfoliation gloves I started to scrub off the tan , now my tan was really bad on my feet so I went to town on my feet and legs  with the gloves and the scrub and i could not believe it when i dried myself off . The gloves and Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff  Body Scrub combined removed 90% of my dry skin on my feet , like no word of a lie the cracked heels are no longer. I have used the Ped egg , foot creams and foot files to try to get rid of the hideous cracked heels over the last few months and to say that a tan remover and a pair of gloves did it well let’s just say my feet are summer ready (yeah ) 


Cocoa Brown

So with using the Cocoa Brown Body Scrub  and my exfoliation gloves I moisturized  my whole body with Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion which is just an amazing . It is formulated with naturally active ” Triple Oat Complex and shea butter, and is said to  provide immediate relief for extra dry, irritable skin ” which I can totally stand by . For once I did not wake from scratching my shines. I know way too much info (LOL) . Not only does my skin look great , it smells great  ( bonus!!!)  I have managed to solve my dry skin and get my feet summer ready ( once the rain goes ) 

Shea Butter

Aveeno skin Relief

So if you have tried everything to remove dry or cracked skin on your feet then you need to try this as it actually works and by the morning your feet will be looking and feeling great ! All we need now is some sun and you will be summer sandal ready. 

Let me know what you think , and don’t forget sharing is caring 🙂 

Love Nikki