Marley Mae | Festival Ready Guide Part 2
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Festival Ready Guide Part 2

10 Jun Festival Ready Guide Part 2

Hi All,

Happy Friday !!! Don’t you just love a 4 day week , i think every week should be a 4 day !!! 

This is my Part 2 on my Festival Ready Guide , I do hope you liked the first one and please feel free to share your thoughts or if you have any stories you want to share from festivals!


So this week I am going to through the essentials needed for any Festival especially if you’re camping as camping is not as glamorous as what you see in the movies . To make sure your trip goes to plan you need to get organised and having a tick list which will save you time and stress. So here is my Top 5 items !



The first thing you will need for camping is a Tent , I know it’s very obvious but get a good pop-up tent as

1) you will not want to spend hours trying to figure out how to build it (especially as the music is hopping )

2) You want to be dry because let’s face it the possibility of having dry weather is second to none so invest in a good weather proof tent. 



 Yes Baby wipes , Water Wipes  you will need a lot of them as these will be your go to essential. Being at a festival you tend to sweat a lot , get mucky , and as the shower system is non existent you will need to freshen your Area’s ! So my advice is to bring at least 10 – 15 packets ( I know this may seem a lot but think 3 days with no shower , yep you got me )



( Yes I said it and your granny will love me for saying it ) but I strongly suggest investing in a few pairs of thermal socks and vest , the socks are key because your feet control your body temperature and in the small hours of the morning it gets absolutely freezing , I mean so cold you will think you have frostbite! The socks will keep your feet warm which in turn will keep your body temperature that bit warmer and you will need it at 4am. Add your thermal vest and you will definitely have a warmer night sleep.  The best thing is there really cheap as there is not such a demand in the summer for thermal socks!


Hand Sanitiser 

Think of all the people attending a festival some have up to 80,000 , you all need to use the loo at some point , Right? Do you really want to catch a flu or something worse , No ? Then bring a few bottles of Hand Sanitiser you can get handy small bottles that will fit in your bag and one things for sure your hands will feel and smell clean. 



Yes the one’s you see older ladies doing there shopping in! So when you arrive to the festival you may have the walk of death to the camp-site and it is not fun dragging weekend supplies so invest in a Trolley ! You can pack them up it is so much easier when you have crates of beer on wheels! Invest Trust Me.  This one is only €14 from Ikea!


Happy Camping xx

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