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HD Brows…My experience

11 Apr HD Brows…My experience

Hi All

The start to another week and i wanted to share with you all my experience of HD Brows… So i was going to get my eyebrows waxed the other day when very spontaneously i decided to get HD Brows done! Well let me tell you it was a experience in one i would rather forget.

I have looked through magazines and Instagram and see these lovely women with there perfectly manicure brows and been liked i want them but never brave enough to get them done till the other day and i do wish i still was not brave enough.

Now the whole process was a bit too much for me, i usually get my brows waxed and i’m in and out in a few minutes but from the waxing to tweezing to treading ( which is really painfully can i just add) it was a bit of and ordeal. Now the beauty parlor i went to are so nice so when the lovely girl should me my brows i was in shock and on the inside i was screaming WTF Happend to my FACE and Brows but what i actually side was ” oh thanks their lovely ” NOT….


Like have you ever looked at your face and thought OMG i have Hitler Mustache on my FACE as my Eye Brows and i had to go back to work which to be quiet honest this was a nightmare as i literally wanted to crawl into a hole!!!

You could just imagine everyone looking at me going there is something different about you … Really you don’t say Hello my eyebrows look like they have morph together and i have a mono ( i didn’t really but felt like i did) . Then they were saying how fab they were LIARS LIARS … I felt like saying i have a mirror i can see them stop lying to me , their hideous. 


( This pic is not me , just to be clear this is how i felt)

Then i come home to my daughter asking me ” mammy what’s wrong with your face , I don’t like that mammy ” now you know when your 2 year says she doesn’t like it then it’s time to remove . Which i did, i scrub my brows with the Nivea Make-up Remover which i have to say was my lifesaver , because i was not going back into work the following day with those Brows. 


Seriously i love trying new things but when it comes to my face i definitely won’t be trying anything new especially on my Brows! So i now have tinted eyebrows which look SO much better and Hitler’s Mustache has left my face , Thank God for that .

So my advice is to think before you do , as it will save you a few bob… 

Happy Reading xx

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