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Kinvara Skincare

22 May Kinvara Skincare

When I was in my twenties, a little bit of luxury was a must, it could have been a little spending spree in Dublin or treating myself to a night away or getting my nails done. But as a mother a little bit of luxury is actually going to the bathroom on my own or having a shower in peace without an audience from the little ones. So instead of morning showers I am now more of night-time and this is where I get my little bit of luxury when the kids are in bed.

Since I was young I always tried to look after my skin, especially my face, because let’s face it, its first thing you see. I decided to invest in Kinvara Skincare. Kinvara skin care is a natural products and after reading up on the brand I fell in love with their ethics.

I have been using four of their products which I think all work well together. Now I instantly felt a difference in my skin especially how smooth it felt. So first I us the Elemental Exfoliating PowderThis gently removes any dead skin cells from your face and any dull areas on your skin. I literally after the first use felt my skin was actually clean, like baby smooth clean, you know how a newborn baby skin is just so soft well, that’s how I felt after using this product.

Following on from the exfoliation I use the Hyaluronic Youth Boost . This helps target the signs of ageing which once you hit your thirties I felt I really needed to start giving my face some youth glow and to keep the ageing till a later date. 

The third process is applying the 24hr Rosehip Face Serum . This is my favourite part, just two pumps is enough and I find it gives my skin a glow. The product itself is designed to reduce redness which I do suffer with on one side of my face and I have notice a huge difference since using this product. It also has calming ingredients which i find relaxes me going to bed and the best part it is super hydrating. 

Then the last is the Active Rosehip Day Cream. I love this leave your skin feeling like silk and I have used it as a base for my make-up and love. It is a anti-ageing natural moisturizer and with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, it really is a great moisturizer to have. 

Not only are these products fantastic in my opinion, the smell and feel you get from them is luxury. Sometimes we all need a little bit of luxury in our daily lives. This is an Irish brand which is also why I found it so luxurious and that all the ingredients are natural.

Happy Reading

Love Nikki