Marley Mae | L’ORÉAL – Purity Mask . Why you should try it!
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L’ORÉAL – Purity Mask . Why you should try it!

28 Jul L’ORÉAL – Purity Mask . Why you should try it!

Hi Everyone,

So this has been a crazy week, if you follow me on my instagram you would have seen on Tuesday I was in London taking my first steps in making my dream my reality , I will share hopefully more in about 2 months but for the moment I have a lot of work to do and want to make sure i am happy and ready to show all of you! So Exciting though…. 

Then today I got an email from Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016 to say I have made the Longlist for my Blog in the Beauty category , I literally nearly passed out , like I have never been on any list so whether or not i make it to the next stage I am so grateful , Seriously I am like a giddy little girl!

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So tonight I tried out the L’oréal Purity mask , It is one of their 3 new Clay mask. I decided to go with the Purity Mask as deeply purifies and mattifies your skin and has 3 Pure Clays and Eucalyptus in it. 


Now I actually haven’t put a face mask on my skin in years , I know some people would say that is crazy but I am very lucky with my skin , I have never suffer with acne or breakouts and I may get a little pimple when my monthly friends come along ( that’s all ) I am blessed , but I do look after my skin especially my face . I never ly out in the sun with it directly on my face and everyday I cleanse , tone and moisturize my face. But lately my I have noticed my skin getting a lot drier and tried looking, now this could be all to do with the fact I’m now 30 and I may be noticing the little things more!

I had a very hectic week this week and wanted to give my face a cleanse as i felt it was dirty not actually but you know what I mean so I went into Boots and was looking around when I say the L’oréal Mask, and the fact it was on offer for only €7.50 I said I would give it a go and it’s not going to break the bank if I didn’t like it. What is the point in spending large amount of money on products , this product did the same thing that maybe a face mask for €100 would and come on I am no Kim Kardashian and affordable brands are just as good!

So after my shower I  applied an even layer to my skin avoiding the eyes and lips, and let it dry onto my face for about 6 minutes . It was ok to apply a little difficult but i ended up blending it in so I was even , I could feel my skin getting tighter and because I hadn’t used a face mask in years it was a little strange. Then I clean it off with a warm face cloth , I instantly found my skin clean and soft and when I say soft I mean silky smooth . It feels like there isn’t an ounce of dirt on my face or in my pores. My face has smothness to it which I haven’t had in awhile . 


I know , not the prettiest of pictures 🙂 but wanted to show )

The great thing with the L’oréal masks is that you can use all 3 together to target different area’s of your face . They have the Purity Mask which I used , Detox Mask it Cleanse & Clarifies  , Glow Mask  it Brightens & Exfoliates. 

I definitely recommend this product, especially if you feel your skin needs a pick me up and there is nothing like a night of pampering yourself.

Happy Reading xx

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