Marley Mae | My Beauty Routine featuring Primark Beauty
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My Beauty Routine featuring Primark Beauty

13 Dec My Beauty Routine featuring Primark Beauty

Hi All,

So can you actually believe it less than 2 weeks to christmas  yay …  and with the current climate we could be having a White Christmas , now how magical would that be. Now with the weather being so cold like bloody freezing we really need to look after our skin. With the harsh elements and  the change in temperatures between the workplace and heading home etc , can have a negative effect on your , know as the daily grind. I have had a really good skin routine since a young age , but if I was to be brutally honest I could have been a lot more sensitive towards my skin , when you’re in late teens early twenties you can’t imagine being in your thirties , like I think I used laugh when people would say oh wait for your thirties and I would have been yeah , like that’s ever going to happen ( can you hear my tone , and me laugh very hard ) ….. but looking back now I do wish I spent more time looking after my skin,

For the last month I have been using the Primark Beauty range , in this I have been using 5 of their products , when people say your beauty regime should be expensive , well they’re wrong , because it is all to do with the ingredients and making sure you get the correct skin care for your type of skin. Now your skin type can change over the years , for example when I was younger I had oily skin , then combination and I am currently going through a Dry spell LOL !! So finding the right product to suit your skin type is the half the battle.


First up I start with the Primark Hot CLoth Cleanser  €6 this is fantastic to wash away the day contains Cocoa Butter , Jojoba Oil , Grapeseed Oil and Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps improve the repair of the skin tissue keeping the skin in good condition , it is also required for a healthy collagen for the skin which helps the skin remain firm and healthy. Gently massage onto the face and rinse a cloth under a warm tap to cleanse off. I use the face cloths from Primark , these are so handy as you can pop them in the wash and they are not as harsh a face cloth on the skin.


So I have been using two moisturizer , The first is the hydrant Boost €6, this contains Coconut Water , Sweet Almond Oil and Hyaluronic Acid. Unlike collagen Hyaluronic acid is able to penetrate the skin upper layer to improve the skin appearance , Hyaluronic acid is a major component of the skin where it benefits the tissue repair and protection. The benefits of Hyaluronic acid is it hydrates dry skin , helps with aging skin , helps reduce wrinkles  , treats sores and sunburn. The product has a jellish feel to it , you can immediately feel your skin soaking it up. 

DSCF1073DSCF1071 (1)

I have also been using Pollution Protect Face Cream €6 . This product is your triple protection day cream with a difference, it is an invisible shield to defend your skin against the daily environmental stresses, Antioxidant Vitamin E to help fight radial damage for atmospheric  pollution.  With added UVA /UVB protection.  UVA / UVB protection is key as this protects the skin for the sun rays , yes even in the winter the rays are still coming through this creates a shield on the skin. It also contains SPF15 now everyone should be using products with SPF in them as it protects your skin.It is a thick cream and only need a small amount to get the coverage you need, it soaks up into the skin immediately and there is no residue on your face,.


At night I have been using the Restoring Night Serum. This nourishes and revitalise the skin while you sleep . I have found this really good as my face doesn’t feel as dry in the mornings and the elasticity is coming back to my skin. Only a small amount needed at night after you washed away the grind from the day. 


Last but not least is this Pollution Protect Facial Mist €6 . So you’re out and about and the pollution in the air and you want to protect your skin without ruining your make-up than this facial mist is perfect, you can pop it in your handbag and just a mist to your skin to protect from the elements . Suitable for all skin types, that shields and protects the skin on the go.


Looking after your doesn’t have to be expensive as all of the products i have shown you are under €30 . And if you look after your skin it will look after you .

Happy Reading 

Love Nikki