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Nail Fashion

24 Nov Nail Fashion

There is something special about  getting your nails done by a professional. To me having gorgeous nails is a must , some people love getting there hair done were I much prefer my nails.

I have real love for clean, well manicured nails , with working in retail I tend to look at people’s hands especially when I am hiring. My biggest pet peeve is chipped nail varnish it actually irritates me. It doesn’t take long to paint your nails or just have them clean without paint as it looks a lot better than chipped nails.

The above picture is of when I got them done for a wedding in August. I went for nude as my dress was Mint Green and my accessories were cream and I felt this complement my outfit without making a huge statement, but got such a reaction on the day as they were amazing.

The above is acrylic nails. I am in love with the colour and design just fantastic . They have real statement look.  I can’t stop looking at them.

I am very lucky as my sister in law ( to be) is a very talented Nail Art technician All of the above pictures she has done on my nails. She has a real eye for detail and will try anything on your nails . The best thing is you will have unique nails after getting them done!

I am really good at doing my own nails and I swear by Sally Hansen Gel Miracle as you do get about 10 days out of it , this is a great way to have the gel finish effect but without the hassle of going to the beauticians.

I feel dressed when I get my nails done. I am dealing with people on a daily basis so to have good nails makes a difference .

Remember if you are wanting to be taken serious your appearance stands for a lot and that includes your nails !

What’s your nail care? What are your pet peeves?

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Happy Reading xx

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