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Nailed It !

28 Apr Nailed It !

Hi All

So last night I got my nails done and to say I feel amazing is a  understatement. I love having good nails and to be very honest with you it’s the first thing I notice about people is there nails male’s including! You know when people say they feel great after getting their hair done well i could sit in a beauty salon for hours but i dread going to the hairdressers ( i’m a little bit strange )

Now I am so lucky my sister in law is a Nail Artist! It is so handy having someone in the family with a trade .

I went down to her yesterday evening and  I brought my little girl and by God did I regret that I had to call Damien to collect her as she was wrecking the place and not in a nasty way she was just so inquisitive with all the brushes and nail polishes ! But it was very distracting ( but girls will be girls ) so once my little women had gone home we Sarah was able to start my Arcrylic’s and as yo can see from the below picture they are Fab….


Sarah has just done up a room in her house as her little salon and it’s so cute. It’s real pretty and girly with pastel colours and so warm.


Sarah is so talented in doing Nail Art . There is no way I could even attempt to do the designs that she does . This girl has some serious talent.  Below is some of her work and i love how she mixes it up i may be boring with my nude nails but this is me a creature of habit! 


Sarah also does Brow’s & Waxing so you can get a full make-over !

If you would like to contact Sarah click on this link to bring you directly to her Facebook page 

Lush Nail & Beauty 

Happy Reading 


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