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Tan Thursday 

13 Sep Tan Thursday 

Do you remember about a week ago I showed the The Glove tan mitt on my Instagram? I find when I use a tan mitt I feel like to moves on my hand and twists about and I have no control over the mitt and then I am reapplying over certain areas of my body. So when I was sent the The Glove I was very excited to try it as I was intrigued by it and the fact it was super soft I couldn’t wait to try, but I hate tanning and I also hate not having my legs tanned even if it’s just my ankles, yes I am one of those that just tans the sections that are on show, when naked I kinda look a bit like a zebra, full of tan stripes! Surely I am not the only ones that just tans selections of your body?

The Glove fits on to the hand perfectly and gives space for all size hands. When I was applying my tan I had a lot more control over it and felt that my tan was going on smoother compared to my other tanning mitt. The mitt is made with a velour material which gives a super soft feel to the skin. It is the world’s first 5 finger tanning mitt and the idea is to get into those hard to tan areas, like your face and in between your fingers because that is the one area where tan can go horribly wrong and you if not done correct you can end up with very orange knuckles and nobody wants orange knuckles.

I use Bperfect 10 second tan. This is my go to tan as it the wash off is amazing, there is no blotches, it has a gradually wear off and is the most natural tan I have ever used. And the smell, oh the smell is just fabulous, with a sweet coconut scent. The colour I use is the medium as it sits well with my natural colouring. I natural tan really well and my arms and neck would have a colour all year round so when I use the Bperfect on my legs it looks like my natural tan.  Now the key for getting a great tan is exfoliation and moisturizer  your skin and I suffer with really dry skin on my legs, I have since I was pregnant with Logan and after trying loads of moisturizer I found that Aveeno Baby was the best on my skin as it relieved the pain on my legs and the reduced the dryness. So I would always moisturizer my legs before I tan and then I would daily as it find it keeps my tan looking fresher for longer.

The Glove is €9.95 and available in pharmacies nationwide and also available online. I genuinely think it a fantastic product and I will be using it as my tanning mitt, it’s time to ditch the basic mitt!


On another major note, I can’t believe that i am on the Shortlist for the Blog Award Ireland 2018 for Best Beauty Blog, I actually can’t express how this feels, honoured is an understatement, I am so excited to have made it this far, So Thank You. My amazing followers from reading my blog and supporting me on my social media accounts. Also massive Thanks to the Blog Awards Ireland for bring me to the next round.


Happy Tanning

Love Nikki