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Youngblood Mineral foundation 

13 Jul Youngblood Mineral foundation 


Hi All, 

So I recently I have been trying out Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation available from Mulligans Pharmacy. I have been using MAC for a while but just wanted to try out something different and this a brand I hadn’t heard of before so I was intrigued to try it. 

I popped into my local Mulligans Pharmacy  in Thomastown on the way home from work a few weeks ago to see if they had it in stock and was surprised with the offer they had for Youngblood cosmetics in store. I asked one of the girls for help and advice on which colour to use as I wouldn’t be the best at matching up my skin colour , i am really basis with my makeup , like serioulsy i only started wearing eyeliner about two years ( LOL!!) .

She went through the benefits of using it , so I said I would give it a go! Youngblood contains Deep Sea Hydrating Complex which is all about quenching parched skin.The Deep salt water soothes and revitalises skin with a pore-free finish that wears for hour. This really was something that i was drawn to as i work in retail , constantly indoors with air con on so my skin can get very dry at times especially in the summer . 


For me make-up needs to last my working day as I am constantly at my face , my forehead and cheeks get it the worst , I know cheeks probably sounds  strange but I am always rubbing my cheeks , I don’t know where I get it from , so if I can find a makeup that will get me through the working day , well I’m sold!


When I first used it I wasn’t that impressed as I felt it was really heavy , that being my own fault as I applied too much but after a few days I was so surprised, I found it light weight that my skin could breath , I personally don’t like a lot of makeup I prefer the natural look and found this had my skin feeling and looking fresh all day. The ocean minerals are rich in antioxidants that soothe, protect and repair your skin all day long , now anything that will help my skin look and feel great while wearing makeup now that is something to invest in !


We have all heard that using a primer is the key to keeping your makeup looking fresh and it true but I don’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on a primer , so I use the Rimmel lasting Primer which really helps especially if you’re like me and always at your face and the best thing it’s only about €7. I highly recommend this primer.IMG_7180

Then I add the Sleek contour kit only in certain areas to lighten up my face and give a more dewy feel . The sleek contour kit is only about €13 and i find it absolutely brilliant , it’s easy to use and it gives a  how to guide , which i love as i am not great at contouring . I love shade 2 , for my forehead , nose and chin the colour is fab on the face and gives a lovely highlight. 



All items featured are available in Mulligans Pharmacy  they really have a great selection in cosmetic’s.

Happy Reading xx

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