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Your Face will love this…

25 Aug Your Face will love this…

Hi All,

So for the last few weeks I have been using a new serum on my face as I love trying out new products (well new to me) . The first few days my skin did slightly breakout but I know that was all the impurities leaving my skin, but after those few distressing days  and it was a bit distressing as I never get spots , anyway after that my skin became a lot clearer. My face feels so much smoother and trust me when I say my face feels like silk. 


The serum is from the Forever Living range and it’s the Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum . My sister is a distributor for Forever Living so hence why I decided to try it but I genuinely would not have written a review on this product if I didn’t like and if I didn’t think my readers would like it. One thing that really sticks with me from this range is that all products are 100% animal free tested. Which for me is a big thing as I love animals and I would love if all products available were animal free testing . 

This Serum has White Tea preserves and replenishes your skin’s moisture to help maintain its youthful appearance. It is love by Trina McCarthy from Xpose and  can see why, because not only can you use it as a serum it also doubles as the perfect primer. Yes a primer for your make-up . I’m always at my face so to find a moisturizer serum that doubles as primer really is two products in one. Some primers are very heavy on the face and by the time you apply your foundation and finish contouring you can very easily feel there is extra weight on you face and the natural look is very much so gone. 


They recommend 3 pumps to your fingertips which is plenty for full coverage on the face and neck. By apply this amount the serum it should last you a few months. Sometimes it is very easy to paste your face with products , but this time I followed the instructions as I wanted to see does it really work and last. It gives the face a smoother texture to apply your makeup onto which in turns gives a natural look to your foundation as it blends in easier. 

Shop the serum direct at Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum


Its €46.52  for 118ml and if you use it daily for 90 days well it is only .51 cent per use. 

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Happy Reading xx