Marley Mae | Ankle Boots for the season ahead. Saturday Style Guide 
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Ankle Boots for the season ahead. Saturday Style Guide 

14 Sep Ankle Boots for the season ahead. Saturday Style Guide 

The autumn had truly arrived, with a chill in the air from the fresh morning’s to the chilly evenings it is definitely time to cover the feet and get your ankle boots for the season autumn days ahead. I have said loads of times but you can’t beat a good pair of Ankle boots. I find them so flattering especially as I can’t wear knee-high as my calf is big  I have no hope. And ankle boots give me height as I am only 5ft, a girl gota do what a girl’s gota do!

At the moment ankle boots are powering the high street and each store has such a selection it can be hard to pick just one! Well I usually invest in two or three, the basic everyday, the night out and let’s not forget the showstopper! Yes I love a good showstopper ankle boot that you can just pop on with a plain black outfit and then boom look at my boots!

I have picked some of my favourite from the high street stores River Island, Zara, Penneys, H&M and Topshop. To give you all some serious style goals for this Saturday Style Guide. Now River Island have such a selection it was hard  to pick from and they also have some major showstopper this season. I love River Island boots are they do last a season and into the next as they are hard-wearing and when I go into stores I can get a bit dizzy in trying to pick just one pair. When your shoe shopping think of what you will be wearing them with and be practical ( I know, who needs practical with clothes!) but sometimes we get caught up in fashion that there is some pieces we never wear, so let’s start to wear what we buy and think will I wear it? And with what? I know maybe I am getting more wise in my age and not just buying for the sake of it. Below are my picks for today’s Saturday Style Guide.

“These boots are made for walking “

Happy Shopping

Love Nikki