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11 Jul Beyoncé 

Hi All 

Is it me or is the weeks flying in. I got an invitation to attend a Christmas meeting next week and I’m literally like seriously the summer has only started!

Anyway enough talk of Christmas , like 75,000 other’s this weekend  I attended Beyoncé  and OMG she was amazing,  seriously that women can dance and sing of course!


I had never seen Beyoncé live before and I was so excited, I brought my niece with me which was such a nice change as sometimes you can forget to live in the moment but having a teenager with you shows you actually how to live in the moment.


She played for 2 hours which I didn’t expect as I Love going to concerts but the main act usually plays for about an hour and half if you’re lucky and when your paying a lot to see the acts you expect to see more than an hour .She didn’t have any supporting acts prior to herself going on which I really like as she had the tunes pumping out of it , to really get the crowd going.


Now we all know Beyoncé can Sing and Dance but holy god she really can Sing and Dance. Her staging was not that fussy just a large cube that had a live stream of her show with different graphics being portrayed on it. But the show really showcased her dance moves and her voice. Her and her dancers were on point, it’s was like watching an army come out on stage, it was memorising.There was one point where you could she her humble side coming through as she just stood looking at the crowd while we the crowd serenaded her. ( We did sound good )


The fashionista herself really showed she’s got style with her wardrobe for the show. Queen Bey show’s you how to wear the bodysuit with attitude ! She changed 5 times and with my favourite look being her red Latex bodysuit which oozed sex appeal and had the crowd going wild for her , and she knew it as she played up to the camera in this fiery red outfit. 



If she comes back I will definitely be going to see her again, the only downturn was wherewe where sitting . We where to far away and very high up and personally i am no good with heights, when we sat down and I realised how high actually were I thought I was going to pass out. But once I got comfortable I got over that. And I wished I had stayed in Dublin as the drive home was so long ..


She was talking at one part and something really stuck in my mind of what she said ” Every Woman is born Strong , There is no such thing as a weak woman” I really loved this , I was standing watching this amazing inspirational woman , who is such a role model to every woman and is all about supporting each other. I do think we could all take a leaf out of her book. Women can be very begrudging towards each other , when in fact we fought for so many years to have equal rights but support each other enough.


As well as going to see Queen Bey herself we also did a spot of shopping. My niece was so excited to go shopping in Dublin City center , I was laughing as it was like going shopping with my sister , there was speed and precision . Going shopping with a teenager is tough going I definitely did not have the pace or the stamina  in me to keep up with her , she knows how to shop, we spent over an hour in Topshop in Stephen’s Green !!


I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my niece especially on our own , it was such a great day we laugh so much and she has really found herself in her style as she knows what suits her , but my god she has expensive taste , most teenagers love Penney’s , well no it was all Topshop , Superdry and Aborcrombe & Fitch ! But as she explained to me it these clothes fit her and she knows her size , now how can you disagree with that !


It was such a good weekend and as i walking around Dublin City i was just imagining bring my little girl when she is older and doing the same thing with her and i can’t wait ! As my niece said “it’s all about making memories ” and how true she is. 

Happy Reading xx

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