Marley Mae | How did we think it was so much easier??
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How did we think it was so much easier??

31 Mar How did we think it was so much easier??

Hi All,

It’s been a little while since a put up a post and really it’s to do with trying to balancing everything , from being a mum , working full time and having a house. 

I used to think my mother and her mother had it so hard being a mother to now. We have everything from cars , to washing machines and dishwashers of course it sounds a lot easier but a so many women have said to me ” it’s so much harder nowadays to rare a family to what it was all those years ago”. 


So i decided to really think about this was it so much easier? How could have it been when we  have all this technology ? Back in those days the mother stayed at home rearing the children and keeping a home  while the husband went out to work. There was always a parent at home and they would all sit around the table for dinner as a family. And if we go back to the early 60’s there was no tv where nowadays we rely on t.v so much !


But when both parents are working nowadays to get by it’s very easy to see why it was so much easier.

I returned to work when Millie Mae was just gone 5 months , these are the  early stages of their lives where you miss so much , like when she started to crawl , or when she took her first step ,this was the hardest, i felt like the worst mother in the world , i should have been there to see this, such a milestone in my daughter life and i am missing it for a job .. seriously ?


My little girl Millie Mae is at that age where she knows myself and daddy are going to work and some mornings it can be the battle of all battles ( like WW1 has nothing on this ) just to get out the door which breaks my heart. I know she is well looked after when i’m in work but it’s not the same.

Then you come home in the evenings and all you want to do is spend some quality time with your little girl but there is washing to do and a dinner to make and then we have bath time and all of a sudden it’s bed time and you’re lying beside your little girl going there is another day gone… while she is going asleep you’re lying there going is it really worth this ?  Well Is It….

I honestly don’t know. I would love the option to be more flexible with what i work so i could have more time with my little girl but reality is , bill’s need to be paid , our house needs a lot of work to get it where we  would like it to be ( not a mansion by the way ) 

I am sure there is so many  mothers out there that feel the same , that someone else is raising their child . That itself is hard to deal with. 

Those mothers and grandmothers that raised us did have it a lot easier as they were there for their children , they didn’t hear about their child’s day they were part of it .


To all the mothers out there working with a family , it’s not easy but i think we need to make the most of  the time and days off we have with our kids. But i don’t think it will ever get easier.

Happy Reading xx

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