Marley Mae | It’s all about the Suit. Saturday Style Guide
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It’s all about the Suit. Saturday Style Guide

05 Oct It’s all about the Suit. Saturday Style Guide

Do you remember when a “Suit” was  so plain and boring! Like if you said to yourself that you would wear a suit on a night out a few years ago, I think you would actually laugh, a lot! Well that is certainly not the case now, a statement Suit is all you need this season. Yes we are talking about vibrant, bold colours with even bolder and elaborate prints from floral to leopard.

What I love about suits is that you can mix and match. Take the blazer add a pair of denim and heal’s and you are all set for a fun night on the town. Or add a pair of trainers and your street style has gone up a notch! The trouser is so versatile that all you need is a plain top and you are killing it in the office. Suits are not just for heal’s or shoes, trainers with suits is a major player this season. Gone are the days were you had to look super stylish with sore feet. Because let’s face facts, women are always on the go whether it’s getting the kids to school, running to a meeting and trying to keep all those balls juggling all at once we need to be comfortable and to be honest I couldn’t be happier to see trainers as key fashion statement this season. We get more done if we are comfortable and now we can be comfortable and fashionable all in one! Result ! 

I have picked very bold and bright suits for the season ahead. That will perfectly mix and match with your wardrobe. We have picked from River Island and Topshop. Click on the image to bring you direct to the site.

Happy Shopping

Love Nikki