Marley Mae | January Blues , but you can still look Fabulous
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January Blues , but you can still look Fabulous

19 Jan January Blues , but you can still look Fabulous

Hi All,

January can be a though month , with money being tight after all the spending in December to the grim weather outside. 

There is no reason why you still can’t look amazing evening if you are battling the weather or the bank balance.

Here are my top 5 wardrobe tips to help you to feel amazing and to wash away those January Blues .


Accessories  can instantly change an outfit . My favourite jewellery trend is stacking and if you follow me on instagram you would see i am consistently stacking my bracelets . We all have jewellery in our wardrobe so root through and pull it out because once you go through your wardrobe you will find items you forgot you had . Here are some ways to jewellery stack and how to dress up a outfit. 



The White Shirt , if you don’t own a white shirt then there is something wrong as the white shirt is one of your stapal pieces that will see you through any occassion. I love a white shirt under a oversized jumper. It adds a touch of  freshness and in January this is the month we are looking for the spring to arrive. 



Denim , Denim ,Denim nothing shouts fresh than wearing Denim , we all own a pair of denim jeans and team it with a denim shirt and you will look super chic for a day out with the girls ! 



The coat we all need that statement piece and January is the best time to buy the perfect coat as most of the highstreet is in sale which means savings for you ! Here are 3 of my favourite coats for a steal at the moment .



One thing about January is you can feel pale and washed out so fake it till you make it ! Add some tan to those arms and pins and you will instantly feel amazing . Everything you put on you looks so much better when you have a bit of tan on! 

I have started to use Coco Brown and I do love it an alternative is Rimmel Sub Shimmer . 

  Happy Reading xx