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Look Good While Working Out!

08 Jan Look Good While Working Out!

Hi All,

I was talking to my sister today about gym gear and how we both love to wear gym gear but neither of us actually go to the gym! I think one of the main reason we love it so much is because it looks so well on and is so comfortable especially for busy mums…

Today wearing workout gear is so fashionable and on trend  but going back to the 80’s i don’t think i would have gone to the shops wearing this …


Then in the 90’s we had Clueless with some questionable workout wear…


Today we have gym gear that is super stylish and going to the gym or working out can be no longer a fashion dread but in fact a fashion statement . We spend so much money and time making sure we look well in our everyday wear why not when we are working out ? There is one thing for sure women have the upper hand in the style stakes

Below is the new brand for JD Sports Pink Soda . I love these pieces , love the contrast of pastel colours with the print detail leggings. 


Below we have a selection from Nike which i have to say Nike has really got the best selection especially when it comes to running . Once the mornings get brighter i will be back running ! 


So if you are off to the gym or to do your weekly shop one things for sure you will look good doing it!

Happy Reading xx

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