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New Year New You…

02 Jan New Year New You…

Hi All,

It’s been a while since i wrote a blog post but i have to say working in retail at Christmas is totally physically and mentally exhausting . And this is the very reasons why i have not been blogging for the last few weeks as i literally didn’t have time . But with a New Year comes a New Me . 

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Yes i have decided to do my New Year’s  Resolutions list on my blog. I feel this may help me actually stick to it ( for once ) , and hopefully by next year i will be able to reflect on what i have done and achieved from my list!

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1 )

The first that is really important to me is to get more energy . I felt i went through most of last year tried and feeling tried with no energy and going and going then suddenly i would have a major slump.. When you have a very active 2 year old it was hard to keep up . So this year i have decided to get energy , how i’m going to do this is the next question ? But i will definitely share my journey with you all.

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The second resolution is to get organised and i have said this a lot over the last few months that i need to get organised! Well this year i will get organised , so i have decided to do a weekly plan of what i want to do with blogging and the post i want to write by when , i am determined to make sure i follow this , and with me aiming to get more energy i feel this will come hand in hand . 

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This is a big one for me and i can’t really believe i am sharing this but over the last few weeks i have decided  i need to change my job as much as i love working in fashion retail i really need a more creative outlet and to do something i really enjoy as i have been in Fashion Retail for over 14 years working in  stores but i think it’s time to look to look at other area’s in the Fashion Field . I have done my time on the sales floor and its time try other avenues . 

Any tips on the above please share !

This is the start of a New Year there’s a saying 

This is the first page to a 365 page book make it a Good One …

Happy Reading xx

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