Marley Mae | Saturday Style Guide
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Saturday Style Guide

18 Aug Saturday Style Guide

Well that was a crazy week! Can you believe it is saturday again and Brown Thomas have launched their Christmas Shop, don’t even get me started on that. I will leave that rant for another day! On a lighter note this week style guide is for all the mums getting ready for school, yes we too need to look good at the school gate and with the kids heading back in under two weeks, we have picked some practical, fashionable pieces that will make you feel super confident. It can be stressful getting your little ones back to school, with the endless cost and fee’s and the general concern of parents, are they going to be ok, will they settle in etc.  But let us take the stress away but giving you some style inspiration for your school run. 

Now i am 100% the mother who wears flats and the chances of you seeing me in heals is very unlikely, i prefer to be able to run if needs be than actually tort around in heals, now if you are able to run heals fair play to you but there not for me only when I go out and at that I don’t wear anything too high. I have picked some basic key pieces to help win in the school gate style stakes this september. Pieces picked are form &OtherStories , New Look  , River Island  , Zara and Poco By Pippa

Whatever your style make sure you look just as fresh as the kids heading back to school this September. 

Happy Shopping

Love Nikki