Marley Mae | Spring into Florals with Topshop
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Spring into Florals with Topshop

28 Jan Spring into Florals with Topshop

Hi All, 

So we are at the last few days of January and the big question is … did you stick to your new year resolutions ?? Well don’t be afraid to say no because apparently 80% of new year’s resolutions made are broken by the end of january ( LOL ) … Well I was never one to stick to them so I won’t judge.

Now that January is just about over and our wallets are feeling a little bit more normal and by normal I mean we can possible start to treat ourselves with some pieces for our wardrobe , because nothing makes us feel good than a new outfit . A big trend for this season is Floral , yes you heard me right Floral now this is a trend that keeps coming back year on year but for the last few years it hasn’t been as big but this year is the year of the floral in your wardrobe . Now one thing about floral is you can wear it in some many ways that you don’t look like you stepped out of the seventies !! 

With this in mind I have looked at the high street and Topshop have a great selection to help you target your inner floral lover. 

Below are some of my favourite pieces from their Floral Collection.  You dont need to be full head to toe floral but by adding some key pieces to your wardrobe you will nail this trend .

img_1932 img_1931 img_1933

Jeans  Top  Shoes

img_1948 img_1951

Dress  Biker Jacket

img_1952 img_1945img_1934

Skirt Boots Jumper

 img_1940img_1949 img_1950

Boots Dress Denim Jacket

img_1937 img_1946img_1938 img_1936

Shoes Top Bag Skirt

img_1959 img_1935 img_1932

Boots Shirt Jeans

With this trend you don’t need to over do it with Floral , you can add simple floral top to jeans and boots but if you have a bit more adventure in you can mix your floral prints and textures together to really bring the trend to life. I prefer to added a classic biker over floral dress and ankle boots as I have a little bit of a rock chick in me. 

So whatever way you wear it wear it strength.Happy Reading and some Sunday Shopping ..

Love Nikki