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Stacey Solomon X Primark

08 Oct Stacey Solomon X Primark

So I am really excited about the Stacey Solomon X Primark launch. Primark have teamed up with the my favourite tv star Stacey Solomon. I love Stacey for many reasons, She is witty, funny and she loves her body! Yes she is not afraid to portray her real self and even though magazines Photoshop her images she is not afraid to show the real her on her instagram. That is why Primark and Stacey have created a collection for all shapes and sizes and to embrace their bodies. The collection is just so fabulous. You can really see Stacey’s personality come through with bright, fun colours and just as bright prints. From Accessories to apparel to footwear this 38 piece collection is sure to cover all your needs through the season ahead.

A life-long Primark shopper, Stacey Solomon X Primark range, is designed to flatter all shapes and sizes and encourages shoppers to embrace their natural self through the use of non- airbrushed images. This is what really stood out to me as there are too many airbrushed images in magazines and we as women are looking at these flawless images and are criticising ourselves when in fact we should be embracing our bodies. We are all perfect in our own way and don’t ever let anyone say you are not. If we all looked same, how boring would it be!

Embrace your body, Because you are Perfect and don’t ever forget that.

The collection launched yesterday the 11th and I was so excited to see it in my local store in Waterford. I even purchased the red leopard print midi dress for an event I have coming up. The pieces range from €2 – €40. From staple jeans to the perfect dress to the cosy knits this collection has you completely covered for the months ahead. I have picked 20 of my favourite pieces from the collection.


Happy Shopping

Love Nikki