Marley Mae | Swimwear to make you splash into this summer . Featuring Primark
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Swimwear to make you splash into this summer . Featuring Primark

26 Apr Swimwear to make you splash into this summer . Featuring Primark

Hi All,

This time of year is all about trying to get the perfect beach body when in fact is there even a perfect beach body? I am in the mindset of just love who you are , trust me you will shine brighter than anyone if you are confident in your own skin. That in mind finding swimwear for holidays is hard and as I have worked in retail for numerous years I can tell you now there is no point looking for a bikini in June / July as they are 90% of the time sold out . So act fast and when you see something you like buy it…

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I am featuring Primark swimwear today as I have to say the range is incredible , from the strong bold colours to the quirky slogans to the quality of them , Primark have really up their game in terms of swimwear. I actually bought two bikini’s this year for my holidays , which lets face I never thought I would wear as I have what you would call tiger stripes on my stomach or as the professionals would say Stretch Marks , you know mum of two and all that …. But I was so surprised to be able to get high raised bikini bottoms , now when I showed my sister she laughed and was like Bridget Jones eat your heart out but when she saw them on ( minus the tan ) she was like yea they could work. Well let’s just say I am delighted with myself ( I may even share a pic on instagram ) 


But if bikini’s are not your thing then the swimsuits are unreal , literally they are so hot you actually can’t go wrong. So here are some of my favourites which are in stores nationwide , but remember move quick because nothing haunts you more than the item you didn’t buy….. ( trust me I know , I tried on a denim pinafore dress in Primark last week and still I am dreaming of it , I put it back as I thought I was too old ….. )






As you can see the mixture of colour , patterns and design, Primark have really covered all types of body shapes and with such affordable products , means you will have more moolah for your holi bops … . Now wish me luck first holiday with the two kids … 

Happy Reading 

Love Nikki