Marley Mae | The alternative to the dress for your upcoming occasion 
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The alternative to the dress for your upcoming occasion 

10 May The alternative to the dress for your upcoming occasion 

Hi All

Can you actually believe we are in May , like where did the time go ? I say this as at the end of the this month my little man is going to be the big 1 , seriously this year has just flown in and I don’t know if it’s that  I’m getting older or has life become such a race and  we search for the ever need for time , that sometimes we don’t stop and appreciate our time or live more in the moment?

In that in mind we are officially in occasion season , where we spend the time with our families and friends . So how about being socially free , I mean how many of us go for dinner or meet a friend for coffee but actually spend more time on our phones than actually speaking? Now don’t get me wrong I love social media it’s what I do but it is not healthy to be 24/7 on social media and scrolling through others lives while  you are not living your own is definitely not healthy. 

Now with all that in mind we have the perfect alternative to a dress for your occasion season ahead . I find it hard to wear a Dress because I have a long body but very short legs ( LOL  ) no seriously I have a strange shape and then with the mom tummy I don’t feel as confident in a dress , so therefore I prefer either a skirt or currently loving Jumpsuit. With skirts you can change the look of your outfit easily by changing the shoes and top and all of sudden you have a new look and the same goes for Jumpsuit , by adding heals you have your perfect night-time look but adding a cute pair of flats and oversized jacket you will have an instant casual look. 

These pieces we have picked are versatile to keep you going through the season ahead whether it’s an al fresco lunch , a communion or wedding . All pieces featured from Oasis. 



Here is one of my favourite quotes 

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if your were to live forever. – Gandhi #

Happy Reading 

Love Nikki