Marley Mae | The bags of the season.
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The bags of the season.

30 Aug The bags of the season.

When it comes to a bag which style is your style? Are you a handbag, crossbody, clutch or shoulder? For bags say a lot about your personality and style. If you need to dress formal everyday for work then a bag is a great way to showcase your personal style. But adding the right bag it completely make an outfit, it literally is the cherry on top!

Now I am very fussy on a handbag and since I had my second child I tend to go for a crossbody over a shoulder bag, because us moms need are hands to be free at all times especially when your with your kids. Then if I go on a night out and let me tell you that is far and none between I would opt for a clutch bag. Now the clutch to some is not practical but in actual fact they are, because it makes you really think of what you actually need in your bag and therefore we have less shit, in our bags! Yes us women if we could would carry around the kitchen sink if we needed, when we only need a few key items like, phone, keys, a small bit of make-up (lippy, powder etc) and our purse.

With that in mind I have picked some super stylish, trendsetting, personality freeing bags for this season. All available on the high street. Featuring River Island  , Parfois and Zara .

Love this little eye detailed clutch below.

Rainbows are still going strong for A/W and this mini crossbody is perfect to dress up the plainest outfit!


If you love the belt bag then you are going to love this leather tan belt bag, it is the cutest and tan is always a popular colour for the Autumn.

Happy Shopping

Love Nikki