Marley Mae | Wedding Guest inspiration with 10 Dresses under €100
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Wedding Guest inspiration with 10 Dresses under €100

14 May Wedding Guest inspiration with 10 Dresses under €100

Hi All,

So about a week or so ago I was watching This Morning and there was a lady on who said she needed to move back home to her parents house as she couldn’t  afford living on her own and attending all her friends weddings as she was getting herself into debt , which I found very bizarre , that she would leave her life of independent living to move home with her parents to attend the numerous weddings each year? How many weddings would be attending each year usually a group of friends you might have maybe 6 weddings max? Then if you are close you would have possible a year or two to save a bit of money for these weddings.  Would you move home with your parents to be able to attend your friends wedding? Some weddings are costly from getting your outfit , to his outfit to accomodation , present and then in some instants time off work and then the present but to really move home ………

Now I know some friends of mine that have spent up to €600 on their outfit for a wedding which I feel is just madness because you will not wear it again not matter how much you convince yourself you will , when the next wedding comes about you will say to yourself I couldn’t possible wear that sure everyone that was at the last wedding say it. ( I know but we all do it ) . 

When it comes to the high street we also find it hard to get a show stopping outfit for a wedding as there is the fear of someone rocking up in the same outfit , but whether you have the same dress as someone else it’s all about how you style it . Now I did find it hard to find a nice dress for a wedding that wasn’t white , yes I am very adamant  that only the bride should wear white at a wedding , I find it disrespectful if a guest  rocks up in a white dress . To me it’s a no go area , just don’t do it. 

So here a some of my favourites on the high street and there all under €100 which to me is the perfect amount to spend on your outfit. 


Asos €80.19 , My favourite , i actually think i might just buy it just to have it !


Oasis €63


Warehouse €89


River Island €50


River Island €75


Quiz €41.99 , currently on offer !


Quiz €71.99 , currently on offer !


Miss Selfridge €64


Miss Selfridge €79



Boohoo €24 , currently on offer !


Happy Reading 

Love Nikki