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Weekend Style Inspiration

07 Apr Weekend Style Inspiration

Hi All,

Can’t believe it’s Friday again , like seriously where are the weeks going ?  So this week i have picked two outfits that will bring you from serious Retail Therapy on Saturday to a Killer look for Saturday Night.

The best thing is they are both from Penney’s

Now I don’t know anyone that does not shop in Penney’s . This is where you as a Irish girl was drag into by your mother and were told on numerous occasions not to get lost, which happened at least 3-4 times while in there for about 2 hours but actually felt like 2 years!

But nowadays I could spend hours in Penney’s , If you’re looking for a look straight off the runway without the designer price tag than Penney’s is where everyone goes. It’s affordable , disposable clothing and over the years Penney’s have really put the high street names to shame with their version for only a fraction of the price.

So here are my two looks , the first one is cost in total €53 . This look is ideal for everyday wear comfortable and stylish at the same time. I love the little pumps €7 (Bargain) Jeans €19 , Shirt €13, Bag €6 , Chain €4 , Bracelets €4 


This look is amazing with key capsule pieces that will bring all year round and it only cost €37 yes your read right €37 . The shoes are a dead ringer from the  Krut Geiger ones which are over €100 but these are only €19 , Skirt €6 , Top €5 , Bag €7 . Tuck the top into the skirt to show off those lovely curves!


So whatever you doing this weekend make sure you pop into your local Penney’s as their new spring summer collection is amazing!

Happy Reading xx

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