Marley Mae | Where would we be without the simple white tee?
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Where would we be without the simple white tee?

28 Apr Where would we be without the simple white tee?

Hi All,

Happy Saturday , isn’t there nothing like that Saturday feeling were there isn’t the rush for school and it can be a little more relaxed , well kinda in a way as we have Irish Dancing every Saturday morning but it’s not on till 10am so a little more chilled. With the weekend I tend to put a little bit more effort into what I wear compared to the weekdays as , some days they can be a bit dodgy… and mainly make up free ! But the one thing I have multiple styles and variations in my wardrobe is the simple white tee . But finding a basic white tee that just fits lovely and washes even better , is challenge.

I have picked a few styles from H&M  that have a lovely and fit and by having a white tee it can be versatile to wear with anything , from a power suit to your favourite jeans and trainers , to skirt and pair of heels. The white tee is always going to be the most trendy piece in your wardrobe , you can’t go wrong. 

IMG_9156 IMG_9155 IMG_9154 IMG_9153 IMG_9152 IMG_9151 IMG_9150 IMG_9149 IMG_9148

Happy Reading 

Love Nikki