Marley Mae | You’re Festival Ready Guide : Part 1
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You’re Festival Ready Guide : Part 1

02 Jun You’re Festival Ready Guide : Part 1

Hi All,

So I decided to do a weekly Festival Style Must haves and the essentials needed for your festival season each week I will pick a different High street store to make sure you’re festival ready !

Now we have a few weeks till Body & Soul kicks off the Festival season in Ireland , and as the saying goes

” Failing to prepare , Is preparing to Fail”

When it comes to festivals this is a must . If you are planning on camping for a few days then you need to get yourself organised as there is a lot you need to think of. From what is going to keep you warm at night to your skin care and then what are you going to wear as festivals is just like the races the style stakes are high!

So as this is the first week i have decided to show some fashion must have’s to make sure you are festival ready! Now when it comes to festival atrie there is a few Do’s & Dont’s 


Above is the gorgeous Laura Whitmore Festival Style Queen!

Your Festival Dont’s 

1) Jumpsuits and Playsuits as much as they are super cute and easy to wear , when it comes to doing your business there is too much striping to try to go into Porta Loo and practically stripe! And with the smell from a Porta -L00 at a festival you need to be getting in and out as quick as you can.!

2) Stilettoand Heals – We all love a heel but when you’re walking through muck and grass it’s not a good look !

3) Overpacking – if you are anything like then you might have a tendency to overpacking (must girls do) but it i can tell you now it doesn’t look to hot lugging everything apart the kitchen sink miles to camp site !




Your Festival Style Do’s 

1) Get a good raincoat as it is very rare and i mean very rare to go to a festival without a little down pour and turst me you will thank me for it!

2) Wellies – They will be your livesaver as there comfortable , stylish and Warm ( you will need a bit if heat ) !

3) Accessoirze , no matter how plain your outfit is if you layer some chains and bracelets with a great earrings you will stand out from the crowd!




All the looks from this week’s festival guide are  Topshop  . I love topshop as the quality is so good and will withstand any festival so you will be sure to get plenty of wear. I have gone for a basic colour tone so it will be easy to mix and match, without losing the festival feel.


Festivals are all about having fun so it is really important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing as you will be in that 1 outfit for at least 14 hours ,as we all know they tend to go all night!!  

Top Tip 

Get a bag that is either a Cross over or a Backpack as a shoulder bag will kill you your arms will not be able as you will have a lot of daily essentials in it!

Let me know what you think , Share your festival Stories !!!!

Happy Reading xx

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