Marley Mae | It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

01 Dec It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

Hi All,

It is officially Christmas in our house , we put our Christmas tree and decorations up today. There is a real warm feeling once the decorations go up , the fire is lite only the lights of the tree are on , you instantly feel happy and festive ( well i do ) .


Today as i putting up my decorations with my little girl i suddenly realized how i have changed through out the years and the older i get the more i appreciate spending more and more time with my family.


For years it was very much about Shopping followed by Going out to take in the season festivities,  which i loved because who doesn’t love to party and get all dressed up spending time with friends & family but sometimes dealing with a hangover every Sunday is just sometimes  not worth it. 


Since i had Millie Mae as a parent you have a duty to make sure these moments are made special for them and we create memories and live in the moment and today it was just that as my daughter is over 2 years she is starting to understand Christmas. For example we came home from swimming and Damien had the tree up ( A real one of course) and it was just sitting in the sitting room with no decorations and she just stood there amazed saying ” Mam , look , oh Wow ” its these moments that you really do see the meaning of Christmas .


This year Millie Mae in a way understands Christmas and when i say understands i mean she knows who Santa is and the Snowmen. Her little face lights up when she see’s all the lights ( its so cute). 


It’s not whats under the tree that matters its who you are sharing it with that makes it! I love being around family laughing and joking , and hearing my daughter saying to me ” Oh mammy look wow ” when we drive pass the lights on in town or when she see’s the decorations in the store’s.



So however or whoever you spend your Christmas with make the most of it!

Happy Reading xx 

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