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What i’ve been up too….

27 Apr What i’ve been up too….

Hi All

So it’s been nearly two weeks since my last post and to be quite honest last I had a week of overnight in work which was tough going and then when I was off I really needed to get my sleep and to spend some quality time with my little girl as I felt I literally didn’t see her all week with work and the guilt was so bad . So I decided to take some time from social media which can be really hard as all communication between my family and friends is done through social media.

But I have to say I feel more balanced now , thank god.

I’m on a week holidays this week and really needed it ,i have no plans which is just bliss not having to be somewhere at a certain time it’s a little be of heaven , but all i do know is that I’m getting my hair done and my nails can’t wait. 

On Saturday my sister asked me over for a Glass of Wine as it was a lovely evening perfect for sitting outside but that 1 glass of wine turned to 2 bottles with Captain Morgan mixed through ( Really not a good idea ) but do you ever feel that you just need a drink and a laugh? Well i can tell you that is exactly what we had and i felt much better for ( maybe not my head the next day )

So today was my sister birthday and she means so much to me , like when I say she does a lot for me I literally mean it. She takes great care for my little girl while I’m working , she is always there for me in anything I’m going through and I am so lucky to have a sister and a best friend all in one .

So with this being her birthday myself and mam decided to get her a really nice treat from Brown Thomas. Now my sister is just like me nothing from Brown Thomas and we get excited ( it’s the little things in life ) She had seen a Michael Kors handbag about 6 weeks ago and when she was showing the pictures to me of it I knew straight away I wanted to get it for her.

Now I don’t live in Dublin or near any of the Brown Thomas stores so online it was . Now as it goes for online shopping I’m really not one for it as i do like to be able to touch the items I’m getting and you can’t get that experience through online, but Brown Thomas online store is so easy to navigate through. What i especially love is when you get to the check-out you have an option for Gift wrapping and you can then add a little note which comes on a Brown Thomas card. It’s those little things that makes it that extra bit special.

Well it is safe to say my sister nearly died , literally when she say the box she had that look on her ace , you know the one ” is this really for me ” “omg I’m afraid to open this” , now that is the look that no money can buy!  She was absolutely loved the bag. I think he is still in shock , but she so deserved it .

Now i have 1 more birthday left this week with my main man in my life turning 36 on Saturday I need to pull something special out of the bag. I was thinking of going away for a night just the 2 of  us which would be nice but it’s a bank holiday weekend and I feel I could have left it a little late!!

Happy Reading 


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